Thank you to all of the area churches that came out to participate in Prayer in the Square. 22 squares were covered by 24 churches. It was a beautiful day in many, many ways.

Saturday – 11/19/22

Imagine a quilt of prayer being blanketed over the beautiful city of Savannah, GA.

The beautiful downtown area of Savannah, GA is mapped out into 22 unique and picturesque squares. What if churches were to gather and bring each square together under a banner of intentional prayer? The goal of Prayer in the Square is to challenge area churches to each choose one of the 22 squares and then participate in a special day of prayer on their square of choice as we call out to God for His provision, protection and power to be seen throughout this great city.


The problems we all face cannot be solved by politics, academia nor money. The only answer to our problems is the activity of God in our lives. We pray to know God, to hear God and to ask for God’s healing, provision and guidance. We pray because we believe that in doing so, God will hear our cries and will respond to our needs by His mighty power and grace. Simply put – we pray so that God might have his good way in us and in all that live around us.

The square is where community comes together. It is the public arena where people from all walks of life and all levels of need interact. It is where we work, where we play, where we do life with one another. The square is a reflection of the community and the people represented within. It is where we encourage one another, help one another and gather with one another as a family.

How to Participate

  1. Choose one of the 22 squares on which your church commits to gather and pray. See list and map below. More than one church may gather on any given square.
  2. Call (912) 330-8461 – The Church at Godley Station – to reserve your square.
  3. Observe the official guidelines as outlined below.
  4. Show up on Saturday, November 19, 2022 from 11:00am-12 noon and PRAY.

Your church may choose to be a PARTICIPATING CHURCH or an ANCHOR CHURCH.

Participating Church – Responsibilities simply include signing up and showing up to your square and following the official guidelines listed below.

Anchor Church – Responsibilities include that of a Participating Church as well as serving as the host church for your chosen square.

– Monitor the prayer gathering on your square the day of the event to assure participants follow official guidelines.

– Actively enlist other churches/ministries/individuals to join you at your square for the day of the event.

Official Guidelines

  • Prayer in the Square is to be observed as a humble and intentional time of prayer, not as a demonstration of any kind. There are to be no signs, T-shirts, flags or banners intended to draw attention or to make statements.
  • Prayer time is to begin at 11:00am and continue for one hour until 12 noon.
  • Your church may choose to gather as one group and pray, or you may choose to split up into smaller groups and pray or you may lead your church to prayer walk the square or pray individually throughout the hour. You choose the method that works best for you.
  • There is to be no programming, preaching or music. ONLY PRAYER.
  • If you find that an event is already taking place on your square that day (i.e. wedding, party, group gathering) please be respectful and allow them the space. You can pray around the square or along adjoining streets.
  • Official Prayer in the Square Prayer Guide here.

Squares and Participating Churches:

(A) = Anchor Church

  1. Calhoun Square: First Baptist Church of Garden City (A)
  2. Chatham Square: Community Bible Church (A)
  3. Chippewa Square: Compassion Christian Church East (A)
  4. Columbia Square: The Church at Godley Station (A) & Christ Community Church
  5. Crawford Square: Metro Savannah Baptist Church
  6. Ellis Square: First Baptist Church of the Islands (A)
  7. Franklin Square: Radiant Church
  8. Greene Square: Springfield Oaks Church (A)
  9. Johnson Square: Rothwell Baptist Church
  10. Lafayette Square: Chevis Oaks Baptist Church (A)
  11. Madison Square: Ferguson Ave. Baptist Church (A)
  12. Monterey Square: Relentless Church (A)
  13. Oglethorpe Square: Wilmington Island Methodist Church (A)
  14. Orleans Square: His House Church (A)
  15. Pulaski Square: Compassion Christian Church Downtown
  16. Reynolds Square: Isle of Hope United Methodist Church (A)
  17. Telfair Square: First Christian Church Victory Dr.
  18. Troup Square: Windsor Forrest Baptist Church (A)
  19. Warren Square: Chapel In The Garden Presbyterian Church (A)
  20. Washington Square: Immanuel Baptist Church (A)
  21. Whitefield Square: Islands Christian Church
  22. Wright Square: Isle of Hope Baptist Church (A)